MOGRAB 12V 2 Amp Dual ( DC Pin + Sony Pin ) Landline Multipurpose Power Adapter

Product Code: 12V 2 Amp Dual ( DC Pin + Sony Pin ) Multipurpose Power Adapter

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  • Low Ripple and Low Interference
  • High Efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Power LED Monitor Short Circuit and Overload Protection .The 12V 2 Amp Dual ( DC Pin + Sony Pin ) Pin Multipurpose Power Adaptor that are used for your security cameras, modem, router etc and CCTV accessories is equally as important as the cameras and other equipment that you select. We have a full line of 12VDC (volts DC) power supply units to supply your CCTV security cameras, microphones and accessories. There are both individual style power adapters, which are designed to supply a single camera or accessory, and multi-camera power supply box. When selecting a power supply for your cameras, make sure that the power supply provides the same voltage that is required for your camera. For higher amperage cameras, such as longer range infrared night vision cameras.

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