MOGRAB Audio Extension Cable 3.5mm Stereo Male to Female 1.5 meter

Product Code: MOGRAB Audio Extension Cable

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  • You can use it with your laptop and computer Compatible with all headphones and speakers
  • Use it from anywhere you wish
  • 5 meter long
  • Can use it with music system
  • Connecting the wire is easy
  • The stereo audio extension cable 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female MP3 car-5m is an extension cable wire that helps you connect audio equipment with that of the mini stereo jacks that includes cd player, sound cards and even multimedia speakers. The wire extends your playing distance and makes it easier for you to operate the device as per your convenience. This audio extension cable in this respect is no doubt a great product to go for. How to connect? You just need to connect one end of the cable into the mini stereo jacks of the portable audio component and the other jack to the existing cable. The best part of this audio cable is that it is compatible with any device. But the device should have a 3.5mm jack input/output. Key features Take a look at the features of this particular device:

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