MOGRAB 3 Way Audio Video AV splitter selector Switcher switch box with 3 RCA Composite Cable For Xbox Dvd VCR VCD Video Game to Stereo AV TV

Product Code: MOGRAB 3 Way Audio Video AV splitter

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Price: RS.299.00
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  • 3 AV inputs and 1 AV output ; Easy connection--simply connect 3 video devices to the INPUT 1,2,3 connectors while TV to the OUTPUT connector
  • No power supply and software drive needed
  • Comes with a piece of 3 RCA male to 3 RCA male cable
  • Switch on top of the box and choose which device you want to connect your TV
  • Applicable to PS2, xBox, PSI, DVD player, DV, satellite receiver, TV, DVD, Projectors, Game Consoles, Nintendo Wii, Game Cube, Cameras, Camcorders and others with audio / video outputs.

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